Msinhale – Your Smoking Personal Assistant

Good morning!

So I want to play a little game, I love to roleplay and I got all dressed up so that I can tease your cock! Do you want to play with me?

I’m going to come to work with you today and be your personal assistant, I will try to be a good girl but if I misbehave you will have to take me in hand!

Maybe part way through the day I sneak outside for a cigarette without asking you, you catch me and call me into your office for a telling off ;) Although you are being very strict, I get the feeling it secretly turns you on when i smoke……

I want to keep my job so I will do anything to make it up to you, I am going to bend over your desk in my tiny skirt and let you get a peek at my stocking tops. I want you to spank me until my bottom is bright red and then I’m going to get on my knees under your desk and suck your cock, until you explode in my mouth!

If you want to play for real this video is on for you to watch right now!

Here are a couple of pics from the accompanying photo set:

msinhale blonde smoking in glasses smokingfetishcollection-2341-61-lg

XOXO Chloe

Victoria – Milf Smokes a VS120

So I hear you guys have been asking for some older models, your wish is my command :)

This Victoria, she is a 33 year old slutty, blonde milf who loves getting dressed up, showing of her big boobies and smoking.

She turned up with a bag full of outfits that could in no way contain those huge tits of hers, she clearly wanted everyone to see them and I’m certainly not complaining! She also had matching gloves for most of her outfits, she looks just the right mix of elegant and slutty wearing them with her lace dress.

Here are a couple of pictures I think you might like, you can get them all at right now!

milf victoria smokes a 120 in gloves smokingfetishcollection-2340-45-lg

So if you like the thought of a sexy older woman blowing her smoke in your face and wanking you cock with her silky gloved hands….come right this way! You can get all of Victoria’s pictures and videos at

Chloe Benson – Menthol 100

Meet Chloe Benson, she’s a super cute 18 year old smoker. Chloe loves menthol cigarettes, cosplay and tiny little shorts! She smokes around 20 cigarettes a day and sometimes chain smokes when she’s out with her friends.

She’s looks so cute in her glasses, tiny shorts and tight top! You can see much more of Chloe’s smoking style and pert tits on SmokingFetishCollection right now!

Here are a couple of my favourites, let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of Chloe Benson soon!

cute teen blonde smoking menthols smokingfetishcollection-2334-69-lg

See……I told you she’s amazingly cute ;) If you want to see her topless, then you need to join SmokingFetishCollection to get all of her pictures and videos! I will see you there!

XOXO Chloe

MsInhale – Blonde Menthol 100

Here’s another set from my website, these were taken quite a while ago when i had blonde hair. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get them up but they are available for you to download now on!

In this set I’m smoking a Berkeley menthol 100 in a cute pink polka dot cardigan, with pink lips and pink nails too. I do like to match :) I hope you like these, I still prefer my hair dark though i think. Here’s a sneak peek at this new set:

msinhale blonde menthol smokingfetishcollection-2342-24-lg


I’m going to be shooting loads of new pictures and videos for my site in the next couple of weeks. Let me know what you would like to see in the next few updates.

XOXO Chloe

Emma G – Fur Coat

Emma G came to shoot with us quite a while ago and somehow this set got lost after the shoot. Lucky for you we tracked it down and it’s up on SmokingFetishCollection now!

I’m a big fan of women smoking in fur coats myself, so I absolutely love this set of Emma smoking an all white 120 in her leopard print fur jacket. She’s wear a very tight corset underneath and not much else ;) She is also wearing lovely bright red lipstick to match her fiery hair, if you are into redheads then Emma G is your girl!

Here are a couple of my favourites from this set, i hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Emma g smoking a 120 in fur and a corset smokingfetishcollection-2317-67-lg

XOXO Chloe

Penelope – Lace Dress Menthol

We recently had a shoot with the lovely Penelope, she’s 18, loves smoking and being watched. She looks great in this set, wearing an almost totally see through lace dress, stockings and smoking an all white menthol 100.

Penelope was very excited about shooting her first ever smoking video, she hasn’t been modelling for long and actually works on a farm most days. Not just that but I was rather impressed to find out that she drives a tractor on a regular basis…..whilst chain smoking! Apparently the floor of her tractor is covered in ash and cigarette butts, what a naughty, messy girl!

This photo set is now available to download HERE on SmokingFetishCollection, here are a couple of my favourites from this set:

Penelope smoking a menthol 100 in lace


Penelope smoking a menthol 100 in lace


There is of course a matching video to go with this set which is also ready to download on SmokingFetishCollection right now!

Have a great weekend guys and I will see you back here next week for more smokey news!

XOXO Chloe

New Guest Blogger – MsInhale

Hi guys and girls,

I’m Chloe Dove aka MsInhale, I have been working with Dave for quite a few years now and I thought it might be cool if I blogged on here now and again. I’m on hand to help at most of the SmokingFetishCollection shoots and my own of course, so I know all of the inside gossip ;)

I have been away a bit recently, due to a bout of the flu but I’m back to shooting and doing webcam shows again now. I’m really looking forward to giving you a sneak peek at some of my new pictures and videos!

Dave recently got some VS120’s sent by 2 very generous followers of our Facebook page, so of course I had to steal a few for my shoots. Let me tell you, I enjoyed them very very much! Here are a couple of pictures from my last 2 photo updates, you can get both now on SmokingFetishCollection and also on my website

Msinhale smoking a VS120 in fur

msinhale smoking a cork tipped pall mall menthol

So I hope you guys will enjoy my future blog posts and come and chat to us on the Smoking Fetish News  Facebook and Twitter pages. We love to hear your feedback and new ideas for shoots, after doing this for years new ideas are always welcome! You can also contact me directly on my Twitter and Facebook pages to chat and of course you can email me on if you would like to order a custom video or live webcam show. I am also live on webcam Here at least a couple of nights a week and it’s totally free to sign up and chat with me, you only have to pay if you want an actual show :) I will look forward to hearing from you!


XOXO Chloe

Sexy Smoking Teen Penelope

I arranged a shoot a few weeks ago with this charming young lady, but for various reasons it didn’t go ahead. I’m pleased to say however that Penelope came over yesterday and we had a great photo & video session. She’s 18 years old and clearly enjoys her work – she also happens to love smoking cigarettes, and as a massive bonus for all us smoking fetish types (well, for me at least), she likes cigars as well! Today I’m showing you a few sneak preview pictures from the 3 photo sets we shot, and I hope you’ll agree she’s a real cutie!

You may also notice the return of the black backdrop. Truth is, I lost it after we moved house, but it was recently discovered in one of the many boxes of junk littering my garage. It does make lighting the smoke that much easier, at the cost of the photos looking a little flat – but for me at least, good smoking fetish pictures & videos aren’t about the setting, they’re all about the smoking.

So anyway, here’s 18 year old Penelope enjoying cigarettes and a cigar – I’ll let you know when her photo sets and videos go live on Smoking Fetish Collection, Smoking Fetish VOD, and on Clips4Sale.


Layla Summers Smoking – Sneak Preview

Had a great shoot today with Layla Summers, who is a webcam dominatrix and model with a 36F bust and 23″ waist! She’s a heavy smoker who really enjoys including smoking in her webcam shows. We shot some amazing videos with her smoking & giving masturbation instruction – might have to take a cold shower before I edit those ;)

All Layla’s photos and videos will be going up on in due course. I will be sure to post some free preview clips when they go live on the site!

Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys the first look at Layla in all her smoky glory, so here she is smoking one of her favourite Richmond superking cigarettes. There are a couple more pics over at the Smoking Fetish News Facebook page.


layla summers smoking fetish

layla summers smoking domme

MsInhale’s Cigar Smoking Sex Tape

I promised you a dirty smoking video, and here it is! Take one MsInhale, insert one fat cigar and one hard cock: mix for 11 minutes and be amazed ;)

I’ve written a much more descriptive synopsis over at, where you can purchase the full 11 minute HD video. To cut a long story short, this is a genuine home video from MsInhale, recorded on her phone, showing her smoking a fat cigar while giving a smoky blow job, getting fucked and taking a big wad of cum right up her. I find it difficult to watch without ejaculating all over my keyboard after about 3 minutes. Hopefully you’ll have more luck ;)

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download.